lin  Backlinks play a very important role in increasing your website rankings. It is a type of off page SEO, which helps in generating website traffic. There are two types of backlinks i.e.. Do follow backlink and No follow backlinks. Here we are going to know about what is a Do follow link . 

There are many advantages of high quality backlinks. Like increase in organic traffic from search engines. Increases the website rankings. Helps in increasing conversions and leads to decrease in bounce rate of the website. 

What is a Do follow link 

What is a Do follow link? A dofollow link type of backlink that allows google crawlers to crawl from one website to another website. Which means if there is a do follow link in your content or blog and google crawler comes to your website. Therefore, what is Do follow links allow crawlers to also crawl through the linked website. This also allows passing the authority of the original website to the linked website.

Example-   <a href=””>hyperlinked text</a> 

This is what is a Do follow tag looks like. 


What is a Do follow link Impotence and Advantages 

Dofollow links are very important from the view of SEO strategy. The main working of a dofollow link. Is to generate and increase the page ranking of a website or an individual webpage. If the webpage that gives backlinks to your page has a high ranking. then it will give greater advantage to your website or webpage. Like better ranking in search engines. 


What is a Do follow link Advantages

  • It transfers the pagerank value of the original page to the linked page.Which leads to increase in the page ranking of that page.
  • Dofollow backlinks are like trust signals for google algorithms.
  • These like help search engines to find your website or content for speed up ranking and indexing.  
  • They help a webpage to rank higher for its focus keywords.
  • If you put dofollow links in your content. It makes your website seem like it has higher expertise and authority.


If you want, what is  a do follow link. You just need to highlight the text of your choice on the web page. And then add a hyperlink to it, which will become a dofollow link. Most of the time dofollow links are made by default on HTML for anchor tag elements. There is no need for coding for these links. You will only need it when you are removing nofollow attributes. You can check if the link is a dofollow link or not by checking the coding behind the link. If you do not know how to check the link. Then you just need to right click on your mouse. And click on inspect, here you can see the coding of the whole page. If the nofollow tag is not written on that page, then it is a dofollow page.  


How to create a do follow link Or What is do follow link?

  • We can create dofollow links by doing guest blogging on dofollow websites. It is a most common way of what is do follow link or  backlinks. To know if the website you are blogging for is a dofollow or nofollow you need to inspect it manually.
  • The other way is to turn business mentions into dofollow links i.e. to make existing business mentions into high quality high quality links. Which will help you increase your page rankings.    


This information regarding What is a Do follow link is. Has cleared most of your doubts. If you have any need related to this service then contact Caneplus. 

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