When you do Content Marketing, engaging content is the best key matrix to do it. It means providing relevant and attractive content to the readers. There are many ways in which you can measure your content engagement. These ways also help you to optimize what type of content you should post on your social media and on your website.

Ways to Measure Content Engagement


  • Pages per session are one of the ways you can analyze engagement on your website. You can analyze it by going to your Google analytics. After opening your google analytics go to the audience and then to the overview. Page per session tells you about how many average visitors visited and how many pages in one session. This also judges the quality of your content. That is how you answer your users’ queries. And how the user is attracted to your content and read more. 
  • Form completion is the best way to know how much the audience is interested in your content. You can track this by going into your google analytics, then going to conversions. After this click on goals and then go to overview. In forum completion, the user fills in their personal details like email address, personal phone number, etc. Users fill in these details so that they can get newsletters, e-books, and any company-related details. 
  • Content is the best way to measure your content engagement. You can track your comments by Google Tag Manager or by your CMS. Comment tells that the user has found your content interesting and wants to know more about it. This is also an opportunity to lead a conversation or to convert the lead into your customer.

Social Media

  • On social media like Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can easily measure your content engagement and impression of your content. It is easy to measure the number of likes, comments, and shares on your post. You can track your engagement with the platform’s native analytic tools or by other resources like third-party engagement platforms for social media. 
  • Reach and Impression tracking depends on the platform you are using. This number should be the general analytics overview. Here reach means the number of people who see your post. Where impression means how much time a user spends on your content. For example, if a person saw your post five times, then the reach of your content is 1. But the number of impressions on your content is five.
  • By tracking both reach and impression of your content you can analyze. That is how many people your post has reached. And also how many of them have actually engaged with it. This also tells what kind of user content your audience wants and likes the most. If you make their favorite type of content then they will start following you. Whatever kind of page you have, analyzing your reach and impression is important to grow more. 
  • Clicks and referral traffic are one of the ways to check content engagement on Social Media. If someone goes to your social media account or you are by clicking on your post. Then this is also a type of social media engagement. To track referral traffic and click you need to first open your google analytics. After that, you need to click on Acquisition then go to social then to the overview. 


Content engagement is the best way to check whether your content is doing good or not. Or you need to change your content strategy. Content according to the audience’s needs gets the best engagement opportunity. Caneplus Technology is the leading Digital Marketing Company that provides top-notch Content Marketing Services with high content engagement to ensure growth for your business.