The VIPRE team has been operating indefatigably to bring you systematically improved knowledge protection, and nowadays we’ve got a giant announcement: VIPRE Safe Send 5.0 is ready. This update to our SafeSend package may be a huge improvement in many ways in which, introducing exciting updates to assist keep your data as secure as potential.

What is VIPRE Safe Send?

Email may be a necessity within the epoch, however, email interfaces leave users liable for mistakes. causing a classified email to the incorrect recipient will spell disaster, therefore it’s crucial to safeguard against potential mishaps. VIPRE Safe Send may be a package tool designed with this purpose in mind. that includes a set of options targeted at securing email communications, SafeSend massively reduces the chance of human error to stay your sensitive data safe.

SafeSend safeguards your emails in a very style of ways in which. it’s capable of distinctive email addresses external to your organization, which helps stop accidental sharing of privileged data. SafeSend may scan emails and email attachments for sensitive knowledge, which stops unintentional leaks of data. SafeSend conjointly implements AN audit path to decrease the chance of liability. These options and additional are created out there through 2 package options: a computer add-in and an online add-in. The add-ins may be organized to activate thanks to specific triggers that you choose on supported connectedness to your business.

What’s new in SafeSend 5.0?

SafeSend 5.0 introduces new and updated options to the package. One major amendment is that the online add-in currently permits SafeSend to operate with macintosh devices and mixed OS environments. This introduces additional flexibility to those trying to use SafeSend as a solution to their email knowledge protection and compliance troubles. Another key update is that we’ve got extended the DLP add-on module to the online add-in, which means that users of the online add-in will currently take pleasure in accumulated protection for their sensitive knowledge.

New options for the computer add-in can facilitate massively protective data. knowledge loss bar has been increased in version 5.0, which permits for each of the DLP content scanning rules and therefore the DLP shopper keyword/domain list rules to run at the identical time. SafeSend may currently mechanically scan files that are encrypted by Microsoft RMS, and this addition needs no additional setup. cluster list enlargement has been else and needs no additional setup, and SafeSend will currently highlight any email addresses in a very listing that uses external domains.

With these options operating in tandem bicycles, your knowledge is safer than ever before.

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