There are a lot of free antiviruses for laptops out there. But the main problem is that they can steal your personal information, especially if you use Windows regularly. The main reason is that Windows is the top target for viruses and malware. Therefore, make sure you go to legitimate sites and don’t fall victim to these such scams. 

Since there is a rise in the cybercrime rate. You can’t find a lot of antivirus apps that provide good protection without stealing your personal information. Many free antivirus apps you can find offer nothing but a free scan, These programs can help you detect the malware but will ask for payment when you need to remove it. 


Features for the best antivirus

  •  Many brands tend to use different tricks for increasing their app users. They use tricks like a free trial. And once the trial is expired, they ask you to pay a price to keep using the app.

Therefore, you need to do is make sure that the antivirus is actually free and doesn’t offer a free trial.

  • It is important for free antivirus for the laptop to offer a high level of security.
  • If you want to be aware of fake antivirus apps, then you should run various tests to ensure that the app is working fine. The main thing you should keep in mind is the safety of the program.
  • We should look for the extra features that a brand provides before selecting a good free antivirus.


Good free antivirus for laptop


AVG antivirus


AVG is one of the free antiviruses for laptops that have the ability to perform scans at your leisure, and offer good defense against malware and strong protection against phishing. This antivirus software comes with a browser extension called “AVG SafePrice”. This tracks online shopping of the uses and if a better deal or any coupon is found then it tells the user.

The core work of AVG Antivirus-free is to provide complete protection to your machine.


Benefits of AVG Antivirus 

  • Provides good malware protection.
  • Do not disturb mode.
  • Provides deep scans.
  • Give real-time protection to your device
  • Scans for active performance issues


Avast free antivirus

It is also one of the best free antiviruses for laptops. Avast Free Antivirus gives you a password manager, network security scanner, browser protection, and a collection of security features. The “Avast Secure Browser” is fast, private, and secure. You can feel the difference right away after the installation of the antivirus. One of the most interesting functions that Avast Free Antivirus provides is called “Passive Mode.”


Benefits of Avast Free Antivirus


  • Great malware protection
  • Have a Network security scanner
  • Provides Password manager services
  •  Gives browser-independent protection
  • Passive mode
  • Gives an Automatic secure browser


Windows Defender Antivirus


Windows Defender Antivirus is a free antivirus for laptops that is actually built-in to Windows by default. And over time it has become one of the better free antivirus software for laptops available. 

Features included in Windows Defender Antivirus free antivirus for laptops are parental controls, a gaming mode, and protections for its own Edge and Internet Explorer browsers. 

It is a great alternative for Kaspersky or Bitdefender. 


Benefits of Windows Defender Antivirus


  • It has good malware protection
  • It is already built- into Windows
  • Windows Defender Antivirus has a Game mode
  • 24/7 phone and email support
  • Have Scan scheduler


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