Google ads pay per click (PPC ) is one of the options available in google ads. It is a payment method for ads on google in which you have to pay each time a customer clicks on your ad. therefore, Google ads pay per click, It is an advertising model used to drive traffic towards your website. Google ads pay per click is also known as PPC in short. Paid social ads are better than traditional ads. Because in traditional ads we need to pay for each and every ad. Whereas in Social ads like PPC we only need to pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. When it comes to paid social ads PPC is one of the best and most chosen options.

Why use Google Ads Pay Per Click

PPC can use in a way to create awareness about your brand and website. Using PPC advertising is the most effective and efficient for business. When a business wants their customer to act immediately they use this mode of advertisement. Like when the brand needs its target customers to sign in for their mailing list or to buy products. 

Advantages Of Using PPC / Google Ads Pay Per Click 

  • By using and identifying the right keywords that your target audience uses. It can help you to make your website visible in front of your right target customers. 
  • In ads like PPC you only need to pay when your customer is interested. They are interested enough to click on your advertisement and visit your page. 
  • You are the only one who will decide how much to bid. According to your customer value. 
  • PPC has a feature. In which you can create a limit on your ad spending.
  • Google ads have many options. These options get a detailed analysis of how well your advertising campaign is performing.

How to create a Google Ads pay per click campaign 

You should have a clear purpose before creating a PPC ads campaign or Google Ads pay per Click. Your purpose can be driving traffic to your website or making your website visible to your right target customer. Do you want to sell your product? Or you want subscribers for your email newsletters.

  • First, you need Google Ads Pay Per Click, to make your business’s Google Ads account. With a clear purpose for your advertising. 
  • You Have to decide where you want to advertise. Google AdWords and Microsoft advertising are the best options for most businesses. 
  • Then you have to choose the keywords you want to bid.
  • After choosing the relevant keywords. You need to set the bidding amount for each keyword. Then after that, you need to select the daily and monthly budget you want to spend on advertising.
  • Start writing your  Google ads pay per click (PPC) adverts i.e. you have to fill in all the necessary details. These details include ad headings, the name of your business, your business URL, etc. Put a relevant link on the advertisement that lands on your website.
  • Now your advertisements are good to go. After all this, you have to continually improve your keywords as you start learning what works. 

Track your advertisement on a monthly or weekly basis. Tracking your google ads pay per click can help you to check your performance. And also help you to meet your marketing goals. Tools like website analytics can help you to see where your visitors are coming from.

Social media also paid advertisements like LinkedIn paid ads, Facebook paid ads and Instagram paid ads. Paid social media advertising is very helpful in increasing your brand visibility. Most people have started using social media on daily basis. And doing paid social media advertising makes your brand visible on their topmost page or between reels.

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