Ransomware Threat- the question always arises what is Ransomware and what did it do. So basically Ransomware is the type of malware that is used to squeeze a payment via the victim system. Two types of Ransomware Threat lives.

However, one kind of encrypted file from the virus is on the computer’s hard drive. Although the second kind of virus ties up the host system entirely. In both cases a pinging up on the display asking for the users to give the amount for a fee.

Increasing Recent Malware | Ransomware Attacks 2020

1. Points to be noted in recent days there has been amazing growth in ransomware attacks. So cybercriminals are making remarkable profits with the help of Ransomware Threat. According to the US homeland security facts of the crypto locker ransomware program and the various extracts of over the $100 million from the victim within a 10-month period.
2. Both types of businesses and one person are at a big amount of risk of losing their documents and files forever.
3. After that one more thing included there is no assurance of getting access to your system or files by repeating the payment of fees.

Some Major Points Of Famous Feature Of Ransomware


1. Highlighting the part in 2013 Cryptolocker was introduced.
2. Also, it is divided into many parts by attachment to a malicious email or a drive-by download.
3. As introduced first, it tries to connect with the command and control server.
4. It also makes a 2048-bit RSA key pair which is a public and private key pair and later on it uploads the key which is saved on the command and control server.
5. So the malware tries to encrypt the value of user information on the infected hosting machine by a virus.
6. A public key is saved to host the system and the private key is saved on the command and control server.
7. After all of these steps, the crypto locker wants the money and threatens to destroy the private key. In case the payment to the malware author is not done.
8. In case the host machine is attacked by the CryptoLocker, it will be difficult to repair it.
9. A CryptoLocker also works combined with the GOZeus which tries to have financial detail information from the host company. If it is unable to find the details that will search for Cryptolocker try to encrypt the necessary file and lock the host PC. Which is holding the ransom.
10. Since Cryptolocker was discovered, so many types of variants have been founded in the copy and its strategy.

Following Steps To Remove Ransomware

There are many options to remove the ransomware lock bit 2.0 or ransomware viruses from the hosted system. And it is done in any type of given circumstance.

1. Antivirus | Antivirus Software– It ensures the virus scan and the virus removal, and also prevents another type of Ransomware Threat.
2. Networking in a Safe mode- This gives you an option to access the hosting system. With the help of an internet connection, even 3. after the system is infected.
4. Use Of Boot Recovery CD to recover your computer.
5. Salve the Hard drive.
6. At last Optical CD-R.

Summing Up

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