Exactly like any other software outlook also shows some errors. The most common error is outlook cannot connect to the server.

Which stops you from sending and receiving emails. As this can be the most annoying and worst condition let’s read the below things to fix it.

Starting It with Simple Restart

Try to have a conversation with any tech expert and they advise you first thing to restart. Every single time you start your pc many things happen in the background.

By which outlook cannot connect to the server with the internet. For that particular problem restart the PC as it will clear all junk and solve the problem.
Now restart your PC and Outlook as it fixes the problem.

Simplest Solution Is To Check Your Credential

Further, the simplest solution and in terms can be wrong credentials. May you will forget your username or password most frequently when you are a new user outlook cannot connect to the server. Have a look on that you have all credentials right.

1. First, open your outlook
2. Now go to file info then account and social networking setting. And again account setting will take you to the setting window.
3. Open the email tab and select your account. After that remove the icon on the firstest panel and click to remove it.
4. As outlook cannot connect to the server see Now the result is that the internet is connected.

Have A Look On Outline Is Online Or Not

If you are still not able to access outlook after the credential is correct. So this will be a major problem because the outlook is offline.

This creates an issue with Microsoft Exchange servers thus it will result that outlook cannot connect to the server.
Move to the send and receive tab.
Have look at the option offline work and click it

This will disable the offline mode and automatically outlook will connect to the server. Now have a look at trying to connect the message on the right-hand side. While it will once connect to the server with outlook after that you will get send and receive email.

Connect Your PC To the Internet

Whenever outlook cannot connect to the server it starts showing a particular error in that case check whether your computer is connected to the internet.

As it sounds simple but don’t take the internet connection for granted because there is a slite chance that we can miss the router or adapter problem.

Now open other applications like browsers and check whether it is connected or not if it is not restart your PC and router.

If Problem Occur With Microsoft Exchange Server

Outlook cannot connect to the server chances of the Microsoft exchange server being down or offline. And is less this is something you cant rule?

1. The easiest way to sort the problem open the file then the info after that account and the social network setting.
2. Now account setting after this you see an orange icon on the left side which means there is a problem.

This can be fixed with your end and the admin is responsible for your organization exchange server.
After that, you cannot connect internet.

Are You Using an Outdated Version

For that update, your latest version of Outlook which fixes the problem of outlook cannot connect to the server-

Go to file and then office account.
After the right side of the screen, you will see the update option.
Click it and the window will automatically start updating.

While it is updated restart your computer and see if it is connected to the internet or not.

How To Repair Outlook

To start the process-
1. Open file then info after account and social network setting and account setting.
2. Select the options account and click on the repair icon.
3. It will ask you to confirm your selection and then enter a password. Once confirmed it will start the repair process.

For Corrupted. PST Files

This error is too difficult to handle for outlook cannot connect to the server. Because when the PST file sees too large and corrupted, which gives an error.

This is a serious issue that can erase your data. To correct it Build a ScanPST. This can fix the small error. In case it error is serious the third party will repair your corrupted PST file.

Facing A Problem With Disable Connection

To solve this problem of all the extensions and then try to connect.
1. On file click the option Add-ins which brings all the add-ins to the right side.
2. Click on the bottom go to the drop-down list and choose COM add-ins.
3. Select the go button and next uncheck the extension and press the ok key.
4. It will remove your all extension and restart the outlook and see if the problem is fixed.

Create A Profile

To create a profile again-
1. On the control panel and then mail.
2. Click on add button and make a new profile and name it.
3. Now go to outlook wizard and process set it up.
4. Now open the profile and you are connected to the internet.

Outlook Data Recreation

If the file is causing a problem create a new data profile.
1. Select the file option and go to Info then Account, Social Network Settings, and Account Settings.
2. Now open the Data Files tab and select the email which causing the problem.
3. Search for the option Open File Location.

And now Windows Explorer opens now copies your data file at a different location. Alternate can change the file’s extension permanently.

Now Restart Outlook, and you can see a new re-create the data file.
Remember this will remove all your all data and accessible file.

Last Option Reinstall Outlook

If an option does not work kindly uninstall the outlook. Which is the last option for the user as the IT pro knows it.

This is the most easiest and common that fixes the bug easily. Above mention option will help you with your outlook. Also you and contact us at Caneplus Technology for more information our friendly expert will help you.