Organic search google analytics is a free listing that appears only because it is relevant to someone’s search. To come on top of a search result. It is important to follow good SEO strategies. 

There are two types of SEO traffic 

  • Organic traffic/Organic Search Google Analytics 
  • Non- Organic traffic

Organic Traffic

It is the unpaid traffic that purely comes from google search also we can boost traffic on Organic Search Google Analytics. It includes On page and Offpage SEO. Onpage SEO includes good keyword optimization, content marketing, and images. A Good SEO strategy also includes meta tags, decent and optimization content, and videos. Where off page Seo involves activities. Which creates awareness about your webpage and your company. It also brings referral traffic from other websites to your website. Off Page SEO includes backlinks, guest blogging, and social media. therefore Organic Search Google Analytics is most important in organic traffic.

Benefits/Organic Search Google Analytics

  • One of the main benefits of organic search google analytics is it does not cost anything. If you are using good SEO strategies and good quality keywords all you need to invest is time. Spending money on heiring a good SEO company is the best option. When it is your first time using seo. However it is more affordable than creating an ad champagne.
  • It’s more accessible to businesses of all types and of all sizes. Big companies have budgets for ad campaigns. But not every company like new companies or existing small companies can afford it. Organic SEO traffic is almost free and can be accessible by new and long-lasting companies. A good seo strategy can help you to grow your business and also increase traffic on your website. 
  • Focusing on organic traffic can also create a greater advantage for your company. When you publish a blog post on your website, it can rank well in search and get traffic.
  • Return on investment (ROI) is much better in organic search google analytics than paid traffic. When we pay for traffic, we need to invest both time and money. But in organic, we only need to invest time most of the time.  
  • When Your business grows with organic search. Then you should look at the number of visitors to your website. After viewing these numbers you may get to know. How many new people visited and how many people are revisiting your website? This may also tell you about what keywords they are using. 

    Non -Organic traffic

    It is the traffic that comes from the paid mode of generating traffic. Non -Organic traffic includes Google ads (PPC, CPC, etc.), social sites,s and affiliate marketing.


    • Inorganic traffic or paid traffic creates more visibility for your product and your website. Paid ads make your product visible at the top of the page. Which easily comes in the eyes of the customer.
    • As it makes your product visible at the top of the page. Which leads to an increase in the traffic to your website within a short period of time. 
    • When more and more people start visiting your page. The visibility of your page also starts increasing. And if the customer likes your product and it’s more, then it may also lead to an increase in their brand loyalty.  

    Tips for Organic Search Google Analytics

    • Target relevant and more reliable primary and secondary keywords.
    • Write original content.
    • Format your content according to Organic Search Google Analytics needs
    • Optimise your meta description and page title
    • Urls should be short and descriptive.
    • Generating backlinks from high authority websites.
    • Remove anything that loads slowly. To maintain the speed of the website.