This article will help you to download and install Bitdefender on windows step by step.
Before the installing Bitdefender, make sure your PC meets the system requirement for running Bitdefender and that you have a proper subscription in your Bitdefender central account so the product you install can retrieve its validity from your account

  1. Go to the PC you want to protect then sign in to your Bitdefender Central account. If you don’t have an account already so create one to install Bitdefender on windows
  2. Select the My Devices panel. In my devices window, click + install Bitdefender products o your devices.
  3. You will see the new pop-up window. Choose Security, then this device to download Bitdefender on your system
  4. Wait until the file is downloaded to install Bitdefender on windows. Then double click the file – the arrow with your download is here will help you to find it in the browser. Follow the on-screen directions to begin the installation Note: The installation package is first updated, then the setup wizard appears. Downloading the installation files can take some time, especially over a low internet connection
  5. Choose the language you want to install the product in.
  6. Click install to confirm your preference and start the installation. Wait for completing the installation
  7. Click Start Device Assessment to initiate a scan of the evaluative system area. When the scan is complete, click Open Bitdefender Interface   ( If you don’t want to perform the scan, simply click skip.)
  8. In the “Getting Started” window, you can see details of your active subscription

Congratulations! Your install Bitdefender on Windows is completed

Fix the Bitdefender installation error “unable to connect to the server”

On rare occasions, after the install Bitdefender on a Windows computer, you get an error message indicating that the product was not connected to the server to complete the activation: “Unable to connect the server. Sorry, we are unable to connect to the server. Please try again later”

How to fix while installing Bitdefender on windows

Step 1

If you are currently using the default DNS (Domain Name System) from your internet provider, switch to a third-party DNS server that might be faster and more reliable. Change the server setting. The command applies to all window version 

Step 2

Aggressive firewall settings (e.g. Windows firewall, third-party firewall software, router’s built-in firewall) can prevent Bitdefender from communicating with the activation server.

Step 3

The Internet Explorer version present on your system could be outdated or corrupted. There are some Windows components that are directly related to Internet Explorer, and Bitdefender runs an Internet Explorer framework. Make sure Internet Explorer is functioning and up-to-date by resetting the settings. 

Step 4

If you have followed all the above steps, but Bitdefender is still unable to connect to the server, there may be an issue with the way the network is configured. To correct it, please flush and reset the DNS by following the instructions below. 

Open Command Prompt with administrator privileges: click the Windows Start ⊞ menu, type cmd then right-click the Command Prompt option in the search results and choose Run as administrator.

Type the following at the command prompt:

Right ipconfig /flushdns and then hit Enter on the keyboard.

Right ipconfig /release and hit Enter. 

Right ipconfig /renew and hit Enter.

Next, Right netsh winsock reset and hit Enter

Finally, Right netsh int ip reset and hit Enter.

Restart your computer afterward.