Email marketing is a type of digital marketing. This marketing allows you to target your focus customers or a particular individual. You can send customised email to your target audience. And make them more aware about your brand. Email marketing also tells your customer about ongoing or upcoming deals and offers. Many organisations use emails for increasing their engagement with their existing customers. And also contact with their targeted customers. To make your marketing more effective you need to follow these email marketing steps. 

Email marketing steps

Build a list

First step is to make a list of your customers’ emails. You can get these emails from your website. Your website should have an email column or space. Here  your customers can sign up their email for further brand related notifications, details and newsletters. If you are a small company, then you have to invest in Google or social media ads to attract website traffic. This method can also help you to increase your sales. There should be a popup or a sign up box on your homepage. So, if a customer visits your page. They can subscribe to your email. To make your customer sign up for your email. You need to give them some offers. Like giving them discount vouchers for signing up. Or provide them interesting case studies, information, etc.. 

Use attractive designs

This is one of the most important email marketing steps. That is to make your email design look attractive. Email marketing strategie give a lot of profit to small businesses. Many businesses are generating a lot of ROI. When they use email marketing as their one of the marketing strategy. You have to make a beautiful, logical, informatic and attractive email. For this you can use email creation tools and software. You have to provide them with information about the latest thing going on in your company. Like any offers, deals, discounts, etc. make sure that your email is mobile friendly and open easily in HTML. You need to pick up a wordpress friendly email service and add plugins. To make an email you can also go for mailchimp or constant contact. 

Pick up good subject lines

This is the  email marketing steps third step. Make your open line very attractive and juicy. To make your customer open your emails, you need to make a perfect opening line. These lines should not be too sales related or pushy. Your lines should make the customer curious about your mail. You need to make your mail user friendly. Like for Gmail you need to use 110 characters. For apple mail you need to use 140 characters. For AOL 75 characters and for Outlook 55 characters. 

Avoid blacklists

Usually a lot of mail goes to the spam box. And customers don’t open them. You must not not send more than 20 mails in the beginning. When you first start doing cold mailing. 

Short and simple

Emails with word count 50-125 have around 50 percent responsive rate. Where the emails with around 200 words have the highest click-through rates. If you do not want to write too much content in emails then you should remember and apply these things. 

While writing an email you should remember the rule of 3.

These were the few email marketing steps you should remember while doing email marketing. Caneplustechnology provides different email marketing services.