Despite its amazing features, the Brother Printer occasionally has significant and minor issues. When users attempt to use their printer’s built-in troubleshooter, they get difficulties. One of these problems is the Brother Printer 0x803c010b error.

Therefore, in order to assist our readers, we have provided an article in which you can find out how to quickly fix printer issues.

Due to the SNMP protocol, your printer will typically display the error code 0x803c010b when it is not wired or wirelessly connected to the network. The purpose of the SNMP protocol is to provide information on the state of the printers and assist in managing devices across the network.

When the Brother Printer 0x803c010b error shows on the system, printing, faxing, scanning, and copying your documents become challenging.

Causes of Brother Printer 0x803c010b Error

Let’s look at the causes of Brother printer 0x803c010b error before learning about the causes. The printing process will momentarily stop and an alert message will show up on the print screen.

Additionally, the print command from your computer will be rejected by your printer. These signs indicate that there are significant internet printer issues. Here are some more details about the causes.

  • Such a bug will appear if your printer is connected to the SNMP protocol. A link describing the data to be printed via the web gives information about Simple Network Management Protocol. Consequently, a problem with the protocol or the internet connection could also cause such a warning message.
  • Similarly, any issue with the printer driver would halt all operations including copying, scanning, and faxing. A pop-up will show on your screen and the printer will stop printing in the middle of a page.
  • When the device’s firmware is outdated, it is conceivable.
  • if the user frequently switches the printer on and off. A proper shut-off of the printer should be made.
  • when a user instructs the printing of a huge document.
  • If there is improper communication between the printer and the spooler.
  • This error message could appear if the user tries to print from an unapproved source or link. Printing something from an unauthorized source could be risky.

Other than these, there may be other causes for this error. Despite the complexity of the issue, there are a few simple fixes you can use. Contact their Support helpline right immediately to address the issue if none of the suggested solutions work.

Support offers knowledgeable professionals who regularly deal with a variety of Brother printer issues. Therefore, no matter what the issue is—a cartridge, a paper jam, or a hot printer—their professionals will fix it.

Simple Methods To Fix Brother Printer 0x803c010B

You may quickly and simply remove the issue with these straightforward workarounds. 

  • Through the Start Menu, you can access the Control Panel and try to turn off the SNMP protocol.
  • Then select “Hardware and Sound” from the menu, and then click or tap on “Device and Printer” on the control panel.
  • Select the Printer Properties option next to the Brother Printer symbol. You’ll be taken to a new page after this step.
  • Find a list of network ports for your printer by searching for and tapping on ports on the Properties page. Select Standard TCP, then click the Configure Port button.
  • Next, choose the SNMP Status Enabled checkbox in a separate Window.
  • Select “OK” and “Apply” to finish the SNMP adjustments.

The next approach should be used if the error 0x803c010b is still present.

Optional Resolution: Reinstalling a printer device

  • Go to the Control Panel and click the Hardware and Sound button first.
  • Tap on the Brother Printer key after selecting the Device & Printers icon.
  • To delete the Brother printer from the list of Windows devices, click the “Remove Device” button and then choose “Yes.”
  • Restart your Windows device after removing the printer device. Attach the printer and update the drivers after the procedure is complete.
  • To observe the changes, turn off all the devices and then turn them back on.

If a user encounters the Brother Printer 0x803c010b error, they should follow the instructions above. Applying these solutions will yield the best outcomes.