For a better content marketing content you need to use the best content marketing tools. These tools can make your content better and also make them very attractive. Even if you are a content making beginner. Using these tools can make this process easier.

Here are some content marketing tools


It is one of the best content marketing tools available. This tool is used for content marketing researching and analysing. It helps you to make data-informed content marketing decisions.

Things we can do with AHREF

  •  Help you to find out what your right target audience is searching for. AHREF has many other tools built in it. This also includes Keywords Explorer. This tools are used for finding new keywords ideas for your content. Keywords are important for your content. And it can help your content rank on google and make it easy for customers to find it.
  •  AHREF can analyse the content and traffic coming to your competitor’s website. This tool is also known as a competitor analysis tool. You can analyse any website by putting its URL in this. This will tell you that from where the organic traffic is coming to their website. Which keywords are competitors ranking for, from where they are getting backlinks, etc..
  •  It can tell which content is performing good. For this Content explorer tool is used. It is a type of a research tool. Which help you find relevant content according to your niche. The content will help you gain organic traffic, social share and making backlinks.

Recently a new feature was also added. It tells you how much traffic top ranking companies are getting organically. And for what keywords that they are using. AHREF webmaster tool is available for free. This includes both site explorer and site audit tool. You can explore and make quality content with it.

Google Search Console

Google console is one of the best content marketing tools. It is a free tool which google offers. This tool will help you to manage and analyse search performance. It help webmasters to learn about their own website.

The main features are

  • Google Search Console helps to manage the your web appearance on SERP(search engine result page)
  • It helps in troubleshooting EEO and also responsive issues.
  •  XML sitemap is submitted by google console.
  • Provides basic backlinks information to the users for their pages.

Hemingway App

It is another best content marketing tool. Hemingway is a content editing website. It is a great tool for concise writing. One can directly add content in Hemingway or paste from other source.

Mistakes it tell you about are

  • Word and phrase
  • Usage of active vs. passive voice
  • Readability score

The Hemingway app is absolutely free. You don’t need to download or login to use this. But if you need premium features then you need to pay for the Hemingway premium.



It is also a content editing app. If you download this app it will help you to correct all you written errors in your content. And also give advice according to the text. Grammarly eases the process of proofreading before you release it.



Using the best content marketing tools for your content is the best thing you can do to increase the quality. A great quality content can help you to increase your ranking. And also attract customers. content also include SEO. Which also plays a major role in content writting.