AVG secure Vpn is a word that is kind of familiar to us But Vpn is not familiar that much. Although that is right and the most common and well-known name in the market is an antivirus.

It has grown in the online world to keep it secure. However, antivirus is the first name that comes to our mind when we hear about AVG. Also, VPN promises a good deal. This service comes with a needful feature.

But the questionaries in our mind that it is as good as AVG and also as secure as its names say. In the given below paragraph, we know everything about AVG Secure VPN. Whether it is worth spending time or money on it. 

Let’s Know about AVG secure VPN!

AVG secure was introduced by Avast Software in July 2016. Avast had its self-made services i.e Avast SecureLine VPN and HideMyass!

This is an app that gives permission to connect with the internet by secure VPN servers. It does it with the help of an encrypted tunnel. We can use this anytime to connect to the internet. Including additional security and privacy.

It occurs every time when you are connected to an unsecured wireless network. Adding more AVG Secure VPN same backend structure as Avast SecureLine VPN but with unique features and clients. Here desktop combines with AVG different products as you use them.

Uses Of AVG Secure

Supported devices- Most likely VPN providers, AVG Secure VPN is used across many devices. The paid feature allows users to save up to 5 devices at a time. Other devices that can be used and supported. Like Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS or iOs, and android. 

When it works in Windows operating system then it is valid for Windows 7 Service Pack 1. Also if any user is using an old version like WIndow XP or Windows Vista can use this. As AVG gives the option for downloading older setup files.

For macOS users, AVGSecure VPN can be run in Apple macOS 10.10.x Yosemite or newer. And the same app is available on mobile devices with the same function as Android 4.0 or later iOS.

For users, they have made it a similar program, platform, and design that is easy to use. But unfortunately, AVG secure VPN gives manual workarounds for another device i.e Linux.

Another thing is that it processes differently with a game console and streaming devices. As it will not install in your router and doesn’t have custom VPN apps. Also, the same thing occurs with Browser. And if you want to use a VPN for Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera you have to find it elsewhere. 

Now For AVG Secure VPN Download

AVG Secure VPN download is a good approach to have safeguarded process to the internet. Which codes your interconnection and sideline hackers by keeping eyes on activity online. It is also good for subscription providers.

You can have websites without tension free and poke around individual’s activity. With its latest version, you can use any device. Like AVG protects VPN download which allows you any location to access the internet.

Also, VPN service gives you a private IP address, and on instantly hookup that how much good turbo VPN online. However, AVG Secure VPN Download keeps logs of your connection. Also, delete people after 1 or 2 years. This is a good personal private measure, and you can prevent necessary data from being stored for a long time period.

Performance Of AVG Secure VPN

AVG Secure VPN server is not a big network connection it just covers 36 countries all over. Unwantedinlgy AVG does not list their server network on the website. Else they make it uneasy o check that is available in your country before you buy. As they cover the most popular locations like the UK, US, Australia, Canada, and many other western European countries. Also three more South and Central America, and also eight other countries.

Enables AVG Secure VPN Drill down to the six cities.

1. Germany(2)

2. Russia(2)

3. Canada(2)

4. Spain(2)

5. UK(2)

6. US(15)

This Has the excellent speed of geo-specific content. The US alone has 15 cities of company selection which provide impressive server network.

Speed- AVG secure is the fastest VPN service in the world. YOu feel have amazing download speed. You will not face any kind of buffering during streaming HD content and downloading files with AVG Secure VPN. 

Streaming– In the past time AVG Secure VPN does not work with Netflix. In real on of the customer support agent write on the support community forum. This is a kind of issue on the provider side that we cannot lie about it.

Although the team of AVG secure has improved their quality in Netflix accessibility. Now YOu can stream shows in a tinny second with a little amount of buffering. Other services such as BBC iPlayer, HULU, and Disney also work smoothly. But Amazon prime video you cant use in the US at all.

Privacy And Policies Of AVG Secure VPN

Jurisdiction- AVG Secure is present in the Czech Republic also it is known for having mandatory data renting laws. That is AVG Secure VPN is not legally obligated to store for any user. The CZECH Republic is not a surveillance alliances part of 5-eys or 14-eyes. 

Login Policy- AVG Privacy POlicy is a kind of long but some of the section is dedicated to VPN services. This shows what is AVG Secure VPN logs. The further company shows that it does not show activity logs. While your IP address and DNS queries are connected to your IP address.

Torrent Policy- AVG Secure VPN permits torrenting and has some servers to optimize for use of P2P. Marking of P2P in a server located in and list. Also, the small amount of P2P servers may have a potential error if they are too crowded during peak hours. And leading to stability problems and lower speeds. However, if we are heavy torrent may we find more torrent-oriented VPNs.

Customer Support Of AVG Secure VPN

AVG provides 24/7 customer support, although this is not said the whole story. The live chat option is not present there. If you want on time help you have to reach them by the phone. Else this is for paying customers only. Makes this it more challenging for getting answers as you do have not to purchase a VPN service.

One more option is we have a ticket system which can give you the information you are looking for. But this is not a promise to your quick replies. As if we are thinking to ask more technical questions it cost one time call as much as one year of AVG Secure VPN.

AVG Secure VPN Pros And Cons


  1. It is a user-friendly common platform for VPN apps.
  2. Also, give a VPN server for torrenting.
  3. And Robust encryption.
  4. Gives & days free trial.
  5. With a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  1. Gives a limited server network.
  2. Also limited service to customers.
  3. Many questionable logging policies.
  4. Payment methods have no cryptocurrency.

Alternatives Of AVG Secure

Avast Secureline VPN- This is Avast and AVG merged in the year 2016. They also offer the product with a different name and VPN offerings are very different. So what makes it an excellent alternative to AVG Secure VPN?

  1. The Avast Secureline VPN seize 55 cities in 34 countries.
  2. Also provides unlimited server switching and bandwidth.
  3. Its speed is constant.
  4. Encryption is very strong.
  5. And supports P2P.

Why is NordVPN unique?

  1. Its performance is premium and speed is available for streaming content.
  2. Its security and privacy of robust features in advance.
  3. It gives excellent support to customers.
  4. Also allows six simultaneous connections.
  5. The server and locations range covers extensive NordVPN.

Why ExpressVPN Is Unique?

  1. It gives 24/7 customer support.
  2. It is more efficient for unblocking streaming sites.
  3. It is compatible with most devices.
  4. It gives a high level of advanced security and encryption.
  5. It also has more collections of servers on near continents.
  6. Privacy-friendly jurisdiction is given in ExpressVPN.


AVG Secure VPN is not a bad option for VPN service. We do not want anything else above this. It works with streaming content and also torrenting. With that questionable privacy policy with a limited server network. And also customer support and payment methods. There are so many VPN services available for the same price or less. Also, Caneplus Technology is there to help you.