An assortment of technologies and techniques are used in Online Marketing Platforms to advertise goods and services online. Due to the additional channels and tools available online, online marketing encompasses a larger range of marketing features than traditional corporate marketing. Digital Marketing provides a lot of benefits. Like Reduced expenses, Elegant communications, Growth in potential, Improved customer service, Better control, and Competitive advantage. 

Internet Marketing, Web Marketing, and Digital Marketing are further terms for Online Marketing. It has various subbranches, such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Here, We will discuss Online Marketing Platforms, you should use for better outcomes.

Online Marketing Platforms

1. Hubspot

The first inbound online marketing platforms that offers all the tools you need to manage and improve your web marketing plan is called Hubspot. This platform allows professionals to engage in blog entries, infographics, ebooks, and videos that can help you attract leads. Sharing them on social media and optimizing them both benefit you. It also helps in creating converting landing pages and CTA buttons to convert leads. 

2. Exacttarget

It is one of the automated programs. Marketo enables you to create multi-channel campaigns and save time thanks to its extensive apps and solutions. This program was developed for adaptable web marketing techniques. It is popular among online marketing professionals since it is simple to use, cutting-edge, and strong. 

3. Marin Software

 Marin Software is fully integrated and has a focus on managing online advertising. Complete online revenue-generating solutions are provided by Marin Software. This software was developed to increase the return on investment (ROI) of your websites through paid search, display advertising, social media advertising, and mobile advertising.

4. Vocus

Who hasn’t heard of Vocus before? This web marketing tool is a condensed version of inbound marketing software. Therefore, online marketing platforms Vocus achieves marketing success with the help of its PR and marketing tools. With the help of its products, businesses may enhance and control their online presence and draw in new customers.

5. Ginzametrics

Ginzametrics assists you in locating and refining keywords that are relevant to your websites and increasing organic traffic. You may monitor search, content, and social data using its comprehensive dashboard to receive recommendations. Ginzametrics is more than just SEO software; it’s designed to increase search and content ROI.

6. Raventools

Raven Tools is another full-stack online marketing platforms. SEO, social networking, content marketing, and PPC are the four internet marketing channels that Raven Tools uses. Businesses can manage and generate comprehensive reports thanks to Raven Tools.

7. SEMrush

Professionals use this SEO program to research keyword competitiveness. SEMrush provides a wealth of information for your SEO strategy by comparing trafficked websites and reviewing rated keywords. Online marketing platforms features can supplement the data you already have from Google products like the Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, or Google Webmaster Tool by providing data on related keywords, monthly research volume, and organic keyword statistics

8. Web CEO

Web CEO is one of the best online marketing platforms for reporting on SEO campaigns. Web CEO allows you to find keywords, optimize websites, and track performance and progress. Moreover, this SEO software can help to automate SEO operations and make teamwork simpler. Furthermore, Web CEO’s B2B solution enables your company to add value to your CMS. And become their exclusive companion with a fantastic white label option.

 9. Marketo

Marketo is among excellent online marketing platforms. In addition, Marketo’s advancements, applications, and solutions enable you to save time and create multi-channel marketing campaigns. Therefore, this software was designed for versatile digital marketing strategies. As a result, many online marketing experts use it because it is simple to use, modern, strong and powerful.

 10. DOZ

One of the effective online marketing platforms, DOZ is creating something unique to support websites in increasing their organic audience. Also, expanding into new international markets. In addition,  DOZ is able to deliver ROI-oriented marketing campaigns with a focus on Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Social Media Marketing(SMM), and Content Marketing. Above all, a big thanks to the team of web marketers. Also, DOZ brings great transparency to digital marketing by enabling its clients to access each and every task that goes into creating a campaign.


In conclusion, these are some of the best online marketing platforms that you can use for the better growth of your business. Above all, Digital Marketing has now become the need of the hour, especially after the Covid19 situation. Thus, every businessman wants to target his audience and tell them about the products and services he offers. Similarly, Digital Marketing has benefits like it is economical and has a wider reach. Caneplus Technology provides the best, most economical, and most effective Digital Marketing Services with complete client satisfaction.