Not coming up with good content ideas? Here we are going to discuss different types of content engagement. It will help you in increasing your quality and language of content writing. In order to make engaging content, your content must incorporate these features.

Sharable – Your content should be shareable. However, it means that your content should include answers, solutions, and helpful suggestions and advice.

Credible– Your content should be capable of being trusted by the audience who reads or sees it. This means that you should not provide fake or false knowledge or information to your readers.

Personal – The content you make and share should be interesting and relatable to your target audience. This will increase the level of engagement of your content and may also help you in lead generation.

Memorable – If the content you publish is unique with easy readability, then it will become memorable for the readers. Because no one has created the same or similar content.

Digestible –  Your content should be simple, easy to read, and understand. This means it should be digestible for the users and it will also increase your content engagement.

Purpose – Your content should have some end goal, objective, or purpose. If the content is irrelevant for your target audience. It doesn’t make sense to them. Then it may not get rightful followers. 

Types of Content Engagement

Here we are going to discuss various types of content you can use to upload. Whether it is your website or your social media handle you need different types of content to upload. However, you need to first find what type of content will go with your niche.

How-To Content

This type of content is the most common and evergreen content. How-To Content provides guidance to the user and also solves their queries and doubts. Moreover, this  helps in increasing the level of engagement with your target audience. And lead to an increase in the level of interest. The format of how to connect is not specific, you can make blogs, vlogs, etc.


Memes are the most trending type of content floating on Social Media. This may seem like an informal type of content for your business, but it works very well on social media. However, it is better if you do not use memes regularly because it devalues your brand or dilutes the key message which you want to provide to your target audience.


Short videos have become the most popular content on the internet at this point of time. Many social media platforms have launched various features to make these types of videos. ‘Like Instagram has launched reels, Youtube comes up with shots, etc. You can make it informative, interesting, and fun with providing knowledge at the same point of time. In addition, it can increase your content engagement because many people spend a lot of time on social media mainly on these small videos. If they like your content then they may visit your page and become your customer. 


In this, the data is presented in many different ways. It can be statistical or in chart form, it is the best form of content engagement. Because it conveys your information in the best and most powerful way. It conveys your stats in a visual manner. Also, it conveys your message in the clearest form which is easily understood by the audience.

These are some types of content engagement you should keep in mind while creating content. Good quality content stands out the most and keeps your audience engaged. Never forget, Content in the King in the era of Digitalization. It can take you to new heights or to the worst.